Top 4 Best Estrogen Blocking Ingredients for 2017

Top 4 Best Estrogen Blocking Ingredients for 2017

Now that we’ve covered the basis of boosting testosterone in our latest post, it’s not time to cover the flip side – controlling your estrogen levels!

What a lot of people don’t know is the correlation between testosterone and estrogen. Basically, as your testosterone rises, you estrogen likes to rise with it. Don’t get us wrong, if you’re a male you do want to have some estrogen in your body just not an excessive amount.

This is where the anti-estrogen ingredients come into play! Each ingredient below is natural and backed by science so you know that while taking these estrogen blocking ingredients it actually works.. because it’s proven.

DIM (Diindoylmethane) : DIM is probably one of the most known ingredients to date for being an aromatase inhibitor. It’s known so well because well, it simply works! According to examine,¬†“supplemental dose of approximately 100mg DIM has been noted to alter urinary estrogens in a manner thought to reflect less estrogenicity”.

Grape Seed Extract: Another awesome estrogen inhibiting ingredient is GSE. Although not as popular as DIM, it still plays it’s role! GSE has a lot of other benefits associated with it’s use as well.

Rhodiola Root Extract: Rhodiola contains a potent active compound called salidroside that has been shown to suppress cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and increase testosterone in human subjects

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract: This ingredient has been show to actually help boost natural product of testosterone. In addition to this, it does appear to have natural anti-estrogen properties.

So, if you’re looking for an anti-estrogen / estrogen blocking supplement, we’re going to take a safe bet and assume you want the best? If so, look for an anti-estrogen supplement that contains all of these ingredients, at effective dosages!