About us

This page was created out of my passion for working out. Let me tell you a short story about how fitness became my passion.

First of all, about 5 years ago, I was crushed by my ex who left me. She said I was lazy, I was over-weight (perhaps slightly though) and I was not really that strong of a person (physicly or emotionally). I don’t blame her. I was quite weak, I played games and I didn’t do any exercise. Perhaps, this story is not the happiest you have ever heard but worry not though. I will tell what happened next.

SO, basically, I loved her but she left me. For the next 2 months I was in a deep depression and I tried to kill myself on couple of occassions. However, 2 months later, I just woke up without a single sorrow of my past love. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself that I didn’t like what I saw and I would change.

Within 2 weeks I found a better job (office job) and it actually offered free gym membership. I hired fitness professional to create diet and workout plan for me and I started hustling. One year later, I look at the difference of how I looked 1 year prior my change and I was so amazed, shocked and pumped. I kept grinding.

Today, I have engaged to even more gorgeous girl, work as a part time fitness instructor because the other time I spend with my fiance travelling the world (I can because I coach fitness online).

If my life can changed within 5 years, so can yours! Here, at 7th Fury blog, I will share my best tips for diets, fitness and workouts so you too can change your miserable life to something phenomenal.